• New match and training kit partner for HC & FC Victoria

    Victoria will be playing in kit from different suppliers from the start of the new football season; the stock of our existing match kit had run out. This means a fond farewell to Sport2000 and Hummel. Our new partners are Badge (Voetbalshop.nl) and Nike. Badge provides the match kit and other sport & training articles. The match kits will continue in the same design as our previous kit, the shorts will be Nike shorts and Badge will design a girls/ladies\' shirt. Nike will - as a local Hilversum partner and provider of many of our members - vbe repsonsible for the training and club clothing line.

    We are proud to announce that both Badge and Nike have signed a four year sponsorhip agreement. Part of thsi agreement are substantial sponsorship amounts. They are also taking over the stock risk from the club.
    Training kit available from mid July, match kit available later (but before the start of the match playing season. 
    The match kit, Nike clothes and other items will all be made available via a Victoria-own shop area of Voetbalshop.nl.  We recommend our members to wait for a while before buying any new clothing. The match kit will be available before the first matches of the new season and you will receive a message when the shop opens. Nike training kit and the club clothing line are, of course, available to all Victoria members.
    Training kit selection teams
    The purchase and wearing of the new training kit is obligatory for all teams in the KNVB A-categorie, (the Victoria First, Second, O19-1, O17-1, O15-1 en O13-1 teams. The remaining selection teams will enjoy a tranistion year. The old training kit can still be worn, however once this needs replacing a new Nike training kits must be purchased.
    We would like to take this opportunity to thank Sport2000 and Hummel for their support an efforts during our partnerships.
    On behalf of the Board and the clothing committee,
    Jan Willem Jonkman
    Voorzitter HC & FC Victoria 1893