• The Grote Clubactie (Big Club Event) wil start again

    On September 16th, the ‘Grote Clubactie’ (the ‘Big Club Event’) will start again, and of course Victoria will participate as well. The ‘Grote Clubactie’ is a Dutch annual lottery event which helps local (sports) clubs to raise funds for improving their facilities, and to strengthen their position in society.

    Every lottery ticket sold for €3.00 fetches €2.40 for the club. That is 80%! The revenues will be used to buy a new sound system for the Victoria premises.

    We request all team members of JO13 to JO8, so sell as many tickets as possible to parents and family, neighbors and to other people:

    • Team members of  JO13 to JO10 we request to sell at least 10 tickets;
    • Team members of JO9 and JO8 at least 5 tickets.

    For this, team members will receive lottery booklets from their team coaches. Completed booklets can be handed over at the bar in the Club House.

    Great selling efforts will not go unnoticed. For this, the internal sales competition called de Grote Victoria Verkoopcompetitie is being set up to reward the best-selling team members and teams with prizes from our local sponsors.

    Stay tuned for more information on the Victoria website and Facebook. 

    The Dates

    • September 16th, 2017, national start of the ‘Grote Clubactie’.
    • November 16th, 2017, final hand-in of sold lottery tickets (booklets)
    • November 23th, 2017, closing day of the ‘Grote Clubactie’. 

    The Sponsorship Committee

  • Grote Clubactie 2017 (Big Clubevent 2017)

    Join us, sell tickets and help us with a new sound system for the Victoria premises

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