20-loten actie (via organization of the national Grote Clubactie)

    Dear youth Victorians. We have something for you! 

    The 20 ?? lottery tickets deal

    • Youth members who sell > 20 tickets are rewarded with free tickets to an amusement park.
    • Amusement parks: Bobbyjaanland, Madame Tussauds or "behind the scenes Schiphol airport".
    • Digital vouchers send to your email address.
    • Leon Poon and Stefan de Haas are responsible for the amusement park vouchers. They will contact you when you sell > 20 tickets.
    • More information: https://kids.clubactie.nl/win/20-loten-actie/
    • You also get a 10,- euros Sportboxx coupon
    • Sportboxx web shop: https://www.sportboxx.com/nl
    • More information: check out the back of your booklet and/or kids.clubactie.nl

    This year, a national sales competition has been created by the Grote Clubactie. The best-selling kids are to be rewarded from a various selection of prices. First place wins a Playstation 4.

    Following an easy process by checking out: https://kids.clubactie.nl/win/verkoopwedstrijd/

    Explanation on booklet (Dutch): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gu6V6t3MskI

    Sold tickets can be handed in at the bar of the clubhouse. You can also pick up new ones!

    Good luck to all of you! 

    The sponsorship committee