• Reminder - The Big Clubaction (DE GROTE CLUBACTIE HC&FC VICTORIA 1893)



    The ‘Grote Clubactie’ in a nutshell

    Actually, it is very simple. Every lottery ticket you sell for €3.00 fetches €2.40 for the club. That is 80%! When we sell enough tickets, we can use the revenues to buy a new sound system for the Victoria premises. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

    Check the FAQ-list below in case for more tips and tricks!

    De Grote Victoria Verkoopcompetitie (September 16th, 2017 ?? November 16th, 2017)

    • Individual prices: top 3 best performing sellers (JO13-JO8) will be awarded with prices.
    • Team price: best performing sales team (JO13-JO8) will be rewarded with an awesome team price.
    • Weekly update of individual rankings (top 5 best-selling individuals)
    • Bi-weekly update of team rankings (top 3 best-selling team)
    • More information


    FAQ ?? sheet: de Grote Clubactie HC&FC Victoria 1893

    • Hand-in location (full) booklets
    • Tips for selling lottery tickets
    • Frequently asked questions
    • Please check the FAQ ?? list before sending inquiry


    Sold tickets can be handed in at the bar of the clubhouse. You can also pick up new ones!

     The event lasts till November 16th, so go for it!


    The sponsorship committee