• Membership

    This page contains information on membership of Victoria. The following topics are covered:

    1. Becoming a member of Victoria
    2. Membership fees
    3. Cancelling your membership of Victoria
    4. Cancelling your membership to transfer to another club

    a. If you're looking to become a member of HC & FC Victoria the first step is to complete the player registration form online. Make sure you fill all the fields in as completely as possible. The following are important:

    1. A completed player registration form and direct debit permission form (machtigingsformulier) (via the website)

    b. Whilst completing the player registration form you are asked for certain personal pieces of information. These are only used for registering the member in the Victoria and KNVB administration system and are treated according to the dutch laws regarding personal information (Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (WBP).
    c. Membership of HC & FC Victoria is for a duration of at least a season. In the event that membership is not cancelled in writing by the 31st of May of a calendar year the membership will automatically be extended to the end of the next season. If the membership is cancelled by (or on behalf of) a member in the course of a season the membership charges of the full season will be charged in full. The date on which a membership is started is the determining factor for the membership charge and membership will be charge per rato for the current season. Membership of a season is paid in full in advance of the season
    d. The KNVB has made it mandatory for all clubs to verify the identity (using legal identification documents) of a player at the moment membership is started. For legal minors (under the age of 18) ID of one of the parents will be required. Permission from a parent or guardian is mandatory in order to start membership of a youth-member (legal minor under the age of 18) and Victoria. 
    As per 1 juli 2023 the annual membership charges per year are:

    Type  membership
    Whole season
    Field football  

     €     364,00

    Training member    €     207,00
    VOVC / 30+ (football (player cad)    €     166,00
    College/ University students > 18 year    
    - field football    €     314,00
    Registration fee for new players    €       75,00
    Selection team charges youth    €     103,50
    Education team charges youth    €       52,00
    non-playing member / Donateur    €     100,00
    Friend of Victoria    €     180,00
    Tennis    €     240,00

    a. Registration fee
    For the registration of new members, a registration fee of 75,- euros will be charged. This amount will be deducted simultaneously with the membership charges of the first season. Returning members will nt be subject to the registration fee.

    b. Mandatory selection team charges
    The youth selection teams will be subject to an additional annual fee of 103,50 euros.

    c. Administration charges
    For members who joined Victoria prior to June 1st 2009 and who do not pay by direct debit, an additional 5 euro charge for administration will be levied.

    d. Members who joined prior to June 1st 2009 are encouraged to fill in a direct debit form so that the membership fees are deducted automatically.

    e. Membership fees general
    Membership fees are charged in advanced and are deducted in one installment on or about July 1st of each year.

    Members shall ensure sufficient funds are available in the bank account to be used. Prior to debiting the fees, a bill will be sent by email to advise of the amount(s) which will be charged. The direct debit shall be fulfilled within 14 days of sending the bill. In the event that membership fees are not paid within 14 days the fee recovery process shall be started.

    If the bank refuses the direct debit or demands a refund to the member??s  bank account (regardless of the reason) Victoria will send a subsequent bill for the whole amount, in order to provide a member with the opportunity to pay the fees. The fees are required to have been paid within two calendar weeks (14 days). If fees are still not paid, the fee recovery process shall be started.

    a. May of each year is the month in which players make plans for the coming sports season. Sometimes a player will want to change club or play a different sport. If you are planning to stop playing football or wish to change to a different membership type (non-playing member, training member, playing member etc) this should be advised in writing (and preferably by email) before May 31st to:

    HC & FC Victoria
    t.a.v. Edwin van Eijk (secretaris)
    Postbus 146
    1200 AC Hilversum
    E-mail: uitschrijvingen@victoria1893.nl

    b. Note: membership cancellation must be communicated by 31st May at the latest. After this date your membership is automatically prolonged to the new season and a new (full season) membership charge will be incurred. Your cancellation (or membership change) will always be confirmed. This confirmation is your proof that the change has been processed.

    c. Verbal cancellation to a team leader, captain or to other Victoria committee members is not an accepted cancellation method. As such, you will be subject to financial consequences for not submitting your change in the correct manner.

    d. For the sake of clarity: a new full season membership charge will be incurred if your cancellation is not sent to the ??secretaris?? or email address above.

    a. Are you planning to play football at another club next season? If so, transfers are done digitally as per the end of the  season.

    b. What is the deadline for a transfer request?
    The deadline for requesting (digitally) requesting a transfer must be submitted by the new football club by 15th June at 23.59 uur.

    c. What do you need to do to request a transfer?
    Provide the new club your KNVB membership code.
    The new club will add you as a member of their club.
    You will be automatically transferred as per July 1st (provided the previous club does not object).
    The transferred player can play for the new club with immediate effect (the email confirming the transfer counts as temporary players ID card until the new card arrives).
    If your old club objects to the transfer, the reason is visible to the new club. A new email advising the blocker and the reason is sent to the (prospective) new club.
    Victoria would be grateful if you could send an email to uitschrijvingen@victoria1893.nl before May 31st, stating your intention to transfer, so that we can take your departure into account whilst planning the new teams.